Wright For Governor || Daniels For Lt. Governor 2014

Hemp For Victory!

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Our state should promote energy crops in order to combat climate change which should include hemp as a new cash crop for our farmers.

Here’s a list of the many benefits of hemp:

1. Hemp (Cannabis) can be used for food, fuel, fiber and medicine.

2. There are more than 300 companies in the United States importing, manufacturing, distributing or retailing hundreds of hemp products.

3. By conservative estimates, hemp is a $15 million business domestically, and $50 million worldwide.

4. Hemp is environmentally friendly, more durable than cotton and has been used for centuries.

5. Half of all trees are cut down for paper.  An estimated 1.5 billion tons of agricultural waste is used annually and could be turned into paper with the addition of the long cannabis fibers.

6. The cannabis hemp stalk is a prolific and sustainable source of excellent building materials and manufactured goods.

7. Cannabis hemp has a good potential as a carbon feedstock biofuel.  Neither hemp nor any other energy source is likely to become the only resource used on a global level, yet it would be shortsighted for society or industry to neglect hemp’s energy potential.