Motorcycle Helmet Safety Optional

Many of my friends are bikers and I intend on representing their interests.

I’m against high registration fees and the purchase of state-mandated personal injury protection (PIP) insurance. That being said, I encourage people to have adequate insurance coverage.

When it comes to mandated helmet laws the people have spoken. A majority of motorcycle riders oppose mandatory helmet laws.

There’s a sense of freedom to feel the wind in your face and the air in your hair on a hot summer day, instead of sweating in a stuffy helmet. Folks want to hear their engines and their surroundings, even if they can’t hear much.

The safe operation of motorcycles should be encouraged. There’s plenty of evidence that helmets protect the driver from serious head injury and death.

In my view, the personal decision to wear a motorcycle helmet should be left to the discretion of the driver, but it’s a risk a person needs to weigh carefully.